Photo: Eva I. Bekkely.

The aim of Fortidsminneforeningen is to create interest in Norway's cultural heritage monuments and to promote efforts to preserve them and their surroundings.

Fortidsminneforeningen keeps a close eye on government administration of our cultural heritage and takes an active part in public debate on the conditions and future of cultural heritage preservation.

As a property owner, Fortidsminneforeningen has accumulated experience and expertise on the restoration, maintenance and operation of cultural heritage monuments. The members work on their own preservation projects and support those of others.

Established and recent knowledge is disseminated through the publications and activities of Fortidsminneforeningen.

Fortidsminneforeningen is based on individual membership, but also municipalities, institutions, organisations and other types of associations are welcome as members.

Continuity with the past

We believe that knowledge about our cultural heritage leads to an interest in protecting it.Our publications are intended to inspire a thirst for knowledge.

We own some of Norway's most valuable cultural monuments. Maintaining and operating them represents a lasting challenge, which strengthens our common cause and sustains our joint efforts.

The experience we have gained through ownership and maintenance can be transferred to other projects and be of help to those who need advice and encouragement.

We organise joint volunteer work on our own and others' properties, inviting everyone to participate.

We co-operate with the Directorate for Cultural Heritage and want to do our part to strengthen the position of cultural heritage preservation in society. At the same time, we reserve the right and obligation to take part in the debate on official cultural heritage policy. We wish to be heard when future policy is designed.

People with a shared interest meet in Fortidsminneforeningen. The greatest challenge facing us is to recruit young people who can ensure that our history is kept alive and visible for the future. Coming generations also have the right to own the past.

An organisation for everyone

The Fortidsminneforeningenis a national organisation based on voluntary effort. The administration is based in Oslo. Fortidsminneforeningen is headed by an executive board and a secretary general. There is at least one chapter in each county, and every year these chapters send delegates to the annual meeting of the executive committee, the highest body of the Society. I 2006 Fortidsminneforeningen has ca. 7500 members.

Queen Sonja is patron of Fortidsminneforeningen. The involvement of the monarchy has been passed down since King Oscar I (1844-59) showed Fortidsminneforeningen the same honour.

Fortidsminneforeningen receives public funding from the Ministry of the Environment. Membership dues, entrance fees at cultural heritage monuments and the sale of publications are other sources of revenue.

Members belong to the chapter in their area. Membership makes you familiar with Norwegian cultural heritage, you meet others who share your interest, and you can support a valuable cause. Through their activities the local chapters aim to foster interest in our cultural heritage and an enhanced understanding of the need to preserve it. Members are encouraged to keep abreast of developments and involve themselves in their local environment, thereby spreading interest and involvement. The local chapters activate their members.

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